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RFID Blocking Material RFIDsecur™

RFID blocking material RFIDsecur™, Composite Film, RFID fabric, photo

Using this RFID protect material, you can make a good RFID wallet yourself. Or you can stitch or staple RFID blocking film into any application.

Contactless shielding film is manufactured into a composite film of two materials. Three layers: plastic, RFIDsecur™ shielding alloy and plastic.

Blocking of radio frequencies: 20Khz, 100Khz, 125Khz/134Khz, 13.56Mhz.

Electromagnetic shielding. RFID blocking material blocks RFID, NFC, Contactless.

RFID blocking material supplied either in roll form standard widths or standard paper sizes sheeted.

Samples and pricing are available on request.

PVC version:

Basic PVC, RFID shielding alloy and PVC multi-layer composite film. Can be supplied plain or ready for printing. Currently used to manufacture RFID Cloaked cards

HDPE version:

HDPE film offers unparalleled strength, tear resistance, puncture and burst resistance. Manufactured using a unique high-strength polyethylene has the highest strength-to-thickness ratio of any competitive synthetic. This is a perfect match for RFID cloaking alloy. Manufacturers can stitch or staple our composite RFID blocking film into any application.

Properties include:

You can see how well the material protects against skimming in this video. The video shows RFID blocking card made of RFIDsecur™ shielding material.

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