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Can someone steal your credit card info from your pocket?

Can someone steal your credit card info from your pocket? Yes, if you have a contactless card with an RFID chip, the data can be read from it.

What can help steal your credit card info?

Contactless payment cards have radio frequency identification tags in them which can be read from a distance by using a scanner. The same RFID technology ensures the operation of building access cards and transport cards. Therefore, data on all types of contactless cards are not secure.

A number of publications, such as NBC New York and The Sun, have conducted experiments showing that contactless card information can be stolen at close range. To do this, experts simply held a reader disguised as an iPad to the victim’s pocket, wallet, or bag. Now, scammers don’t even need to buy any devices to do this. Google Play has apps that can be used for the same purpose.

If you are in a public place where a lot of people have gathered, the risk of such fraud increases significantly.

What information can be stolen?

As a result of using RFID readers, fraudsters can get access to different types of data, for example, credit card numbers, information about the expiration date of the card. This data is sufficient for resale on the darknet, and after this information is supplemented with other personal information, it could be used for making transactions on a number of sites or opening an account in your name. If a fraudster has received part of your personal data, the chance that they will receive all the information necessary for making a transaction or opening an account increases significantly. At the same time, security experts say that 80% of credit cards are compromised in some way.  Their data was stolen as a result of phishing, skimming, malicious software on websites, fraudulent phone calls, and data violations.

How to protect your cards from skimming and other types of fraud

Of course, credit card companies are trying to improve the technology with encryption, but thieves are also using increasingly advanced technologies that allow them to steal personal information.

Therefore, we recommend that you follow the simplest preventive security measures against RFID skimming:

Keep your data and funds safe at all times.

‘If you are worried about someone reading your cards, there are several RFID blocking products that can prevent skimming.

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