Eliminate the threat of data theft and fraud against contactless IDs and credit cards with easy to customize fabric

2 Nov 2016 – Exeter UK

RFID Blocking Lab testing

RFIDsecur™ final material being tested for quality and RF blocking, the final material passed testing for RFID NFC blocking both 13.56Mhz and 125Khz signals.

Anyone who carries a touchless or contactless ID is at risk from fraudsters using mobile phones and skimming devices to clone/read cards and assist with identity theft. As demonstrated in the attached video, in less than 10 seconds, fraudsters using remote scanning devices can steal your credit card number, expiration date, pin entry data and transaction history.

“The problem is pervasive and there is a real opportunity for manufacturers of clothing, wallets, and bags as well as payment, loyalty and building-access cards to weave security into their product design,” said Julian Ghail, founder of RFIDCLOAKED. “As a proof of concept for Kickstarter, we’ve developed a revolutionary wallet insert that shields all RFID card types in the near field, enabling passive protection of your cards, without interfering with retail security systems or card conflicts at the point of sale (POS) terminal which many jamming cards are doing. The material can be sewn, folded and printed

For Kickstarter, RFIDCLOAKED has created an incredibly thin, ultra light super flexible contactless card theft protector that is only 0.3mm thick (the average credit card is 0.8mm). RFIDCLOAKED’s Kickstarter project is the only card on the market to offer full protection of RFID NFC cards with none of the bulk. The size of a business card, the wallet-insert slips neatly into any type of wallet or billfold and provides instant protection from fraudsters.

“We’ll be introducing new product design concepts over the coming months to demonstrate just how flexible this new fabric technology can be,” said Ghail.


Julian Ghail

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