How Wave Works

How it works in 3 steps

Place RFID tags Products

Place RAIN RFID tags on your products. Each tag is programmed with the UPC/SKU of the product so you know what it is.

Take Inventory Wave

Take inventory with Wave. Wave scans about 700 items per minute per handheld. Add more handhelds for larger stores or more locations.

Sync Inventory Web

Sync your inventory to your ERP. Weekly inventory updates take minutes per location and keep stock fresh.

Wave UI Inventory Display

SimplyRFiD Wave is an inventory counting system that makes daily inventory possible — with RFID.


De-Inventory (DeInv)

Remove the burden of ‘centralized’ inventory and adopt decentralized inventrory. Wave takes inventory by item, shelf, location in minutes vs. legacy quarterly centralized inventory write-offs. With DeInv, you can turn any pile of inventory from unknown to sellable.


Manage millions of items by shelf. Sync thousands of locations and users with custom groups and security levels. Single store, multi-store, or a mix of access control of your global inventory.


Daily inventory differentials and accurate inventory counts for fulfillment, ERP integration, and decision making


Sync your inventory automatically amongst stores and your online ecommerce inventory.


RAIN RFID scans about between 500 and 1,000 per minute. Most stores take 20 minutes to inventory by using one or more handhelds.


Set pictures for any item and displays in your list as you're inventorying items.

Custom Fields

You can select custom field names and properties for your products.

Indoor and Outdoor GPS

Wave uses SimplyRFiD Marker tags to provide an indoor GPS location of your items. Your store isn’t one area - and Wave knows the difference between the backroom, end cap, and front display.


Wave lets you locate any item type by name and begins beeping (Geiger counter) as you get close.


Battery life with Wave running on:

  • iPhone SE (2022): 8 hours continuous
  • iPod 7th Gen: 2.5 hours continuous (not recommended / end of life)
  • CSL CS108-2 RFID/2D Barcode scanner: 2 hours of continuous scanning use, 24+ hours standby.


OS: iOS 15+ capable Apple device.
Devices: iPods work but are not recommended. The iPhone SE (2022) is excellent or any iPhone since iPhone 7.
RFID: CS108-2 Handheld Required.
Server: SimplyRFID Pogi Server Account
RFID Tags: Your choice of RAIN RFID tags from any vendor

* Wave scans about 1,300 items per second, but due to the limitation of how fast humans can move, we find the average respectable consistent throughput from 500-1,000 items per minute at typical retail stores.

ROI RFID Calculator

See how you can save time and money with RFID

Inventory turns per year
How many times you turn your inventory per year
Items in Stock
Items you have for sale (quantity) at any time
Average Value
Average price you sell your goods for
RFID Cost:
in RFID tag costs for tags (average tag cost $0.06)
RFID will increase revenue:
An average 4% increase in sales by placing accurate, updated inventory online
RFID will reduce loss by:
per year — an average of 90% reduction in loss when taking weekly 10 minute inventory with RFID vs. monthly or quarterly all day barcode parties.
Net gain adding Wave RFID inventory:
Estimated Revenue $1,800,000
Percent increase in revenue 10.80%

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Akash Bajaj Review

The entire team at Simply RFID top to bottom is extremely responsive and helpful. They’ve built a very easy to use and implement solution that every product based business can benefit from.

Akash Bajaj

Director Of Operations, Advance Apparels

Speed up Counting Inventory

RAIN RFID is the fastest way to keep track of your inventory. Our Wave Inventory System is everything you need to count thousands of items easily.

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